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PreAP Physics 2012-2013


Previous year's homework is here. | Regular Physics homework is here.

PreAP Spring Final Reviews are in the notes section.


Fri, May 24: Last Homework

Homework Keys and Notes are in the notes section. | If you have missed class and missed the demos go to the Magnetism Links page and watch them.

Due Wed., May 22 - Magnetism 8 | Test Thurs.

Due Tues., May 21 - Magnetism 7 | ROCKETS

Due Mon., May 20 - Magnetism 6 | Get your rockets done. Info below.

Due Fri, May 17 - Magnetism 5.

This weekend you should start working on your rockets. This will be a lab grade, so get it done. Information Here.

Due Thur., May 16 - Magnetism 4 | You will need your Transformer notes. See notes page, but don't print.

Due Tues., May 14 - Magnetism 3 | Sorry I forgot to get you the Magnetic Forces notes. Check the notes page, but don't print.

Friday, May 10 - I know a lot of you have AP English, so you won't be in class and that you can leave afterwards. May I suggest coming to the class and finishing the Magnetism Lab. It would take about 10 minutes and you would be done with it. Might be better than coming early on Monday.

Due Mon, May 13 - Here's what is due: Magnetism 2 (and 1) (both are fast), Magnetic Fields, and the 1st Magnetism Lab. I know you are busy. You have 5 days to get this done. Before school, at lunch, after school, whatever. Get it done. | Keys are in the notes section.

Due Tues, Wed, Thurs (or next time I see you) - Magnetism 1 | You will need the chapter in the notes section or your book. | Please read the line below.

OK - I know things are going to be goofy for a while, due to EOC and AP testing. We have 8 homeworks in Magnetism and 3 weeks to do them in. We can be a little flexible, but within reason.

Light and Optics - Test Friday, May 4

Due Fri, May 3 - Turn in HWs 6, 8, 10. (This is to focus your study [pun intended]).

Due Thurs., May 2 - Light and Optics 11 | Study sessions Thurs afterschool and Fri before school. | All HW keys in notes section. | Also, there is a page for you to look at in the notes section about light absorption and emission.

Due Wed., May 1 - Light and Optics 10 | Work this webquiz (if you can't find the handout from class, reprint it) | HW keys in notes section | Keys to the worksheets are in the notes section, too. | Study sessions Thurs afterschool and Fri before school.

Due Tues., Apr 30 - Light and Optics 9 | Grade HW from notes section | Refraction quiz tomorrow, too.

Due Mon., Apr 29 - Light and Optics 8 - I will show you Q1 in class. Just skip it. | HW keys are in the notes section. | Test Friday.

Due Fri, Apr 26 - AFTER TAKS - Do "Understanding the Photoelectric Effect". I have copies in my room and in the notes section. There will be a HW quiz over this on Friday. - NOTE: I will NOT go over the HW before the quiz. If you don't pay attention and do this HW, you won't understand the quiz.

Due Mon., Apr 22 - Light and Optics 7 | You will need the "Critical Angle" notes | And have to have your TAKS packet completed. Will be a quiz grade and I'm going to check that you actually did it. So take it seriously.

Due Fri., Apr 19 - Light and Optics 6 - I had to add a third page due to TAKS, but it should be fast.

Due Thurs., Apr 18 - Light and Optics 5 - If you missed the test last week you have until tomorrow. 1 week is enough, already. | Lab quiz tomorrow over the Reflection/Refraction Lab and the Index of Refraction Lab (acrylic block).

Due Wed., Apr 17 - Light and Optics 4

Due Tues., Apr 16 - Light and Optics 3 - And you will need the refraction notes, which are in the notes section.

Due Mon, Apr 15 (DeHaan, p5, due Tues) - Light and Optics 2 | We did an important lab on Fri. (Refraction and Reflection) If you were gone you should plan to be there Monday before school to make it up. | Here are excellent pictures of what we did in the lab (though not by me). You should study them. Be sure to click on the actual phots and not just look at the animations.

Due Fri, Apr 12 - Read and complete the "Optics Basics" notes (see notes section if you were gone) and do this webquiz on color. | Here's an AMAZING radio program about Color from Radio Lab.

Due Thurs., Apr 11 - Light and Optics 1 | You were given "Light" and "Color" notes in class.

Harmonic Motion - DeHaan's 5th period here.

Test Wed. | In Class Reviews are in the notes section. | Finally: here is a good site to hear beats. The beat frequency is the difference between the frequencies of the two notes.

Due Tues., Apr 9 - Harmonic Motion 13 | Test Wed. You should be going over the homeworks (start with HW1) and getting your quizzes made up.

Due Mon, Apr 8 - Harmonic Motion 12 | Grade HW 11 | Work on your Extra Credit assignments and TAKS packets. | And I finally got this Doppler Effect video online. Here's another video that's really good.

Due Fri, Apr 5 - Harmonic Motion 11 | Might want to work on this study help: Springs, Pendulums, and Graphs. | And other study helps are available.

Due Thurs., Apr 4 - Harmonic Motion 10.

Due Wed., Apr 3 - Harmonic Motion 9 and "Wave Actions" (see notes section if you need it) | All previous HW keys in the notes section. | Here are the examples from class.

Due Tues, Apr 2 - Harmonic Motion 8 and the "Sound" notes you got in class. | Make up the All or Nothing fast. | Work on TAKS packets and Extra Credit assignments (as if you don't have other things, too).

Due Mon, Apr 1 - Harmonic Motion 7 | Did the "Standing Wave Lab" on Friday. It took so long that we have to take the All or Nothing on Monday. | You should be finishing TAKS Objective 4 | The extra credit assignment is due on Wed. You should work on it and come in Mon and Tues to ask questions and clarify.

Due Thurs., Mar 28 - Harmonic Motion 6 | All or Nothing over pendulums, springs, and waves (including echos [echos]). | For help with the proportionality questions on the homework (Q1,2): here are some hand written notes; and some practice questions with key. | Here's the slinky demo for those that missed it.

Due Wed, Mar 27 - Harmonic Motion 5 | We did the slinky demo today. I have a recording and will try to get it online when I can.

Due Tues., Mar 26 - Harmonic Motion 4 | Lab quiz over pendulums and springs. Look over your data. | Be working on TAKS Objective 4.

Due Mon., Mar 25 - Harmonic Motion 3 | We did the lab: "What Affects the Period of a Spring" in class on Fri. Make it up. | More information and resources for the extra credit assignment are in the notes sections.

Due Fri, Mar 22 - Harmonic Motion 2 | We did the lab: "What Affects the Period of a Pendulum" in class on Thurs. If you missed it, you need to make that up fast. | I have the next extra credit assignment done. Copies in the class and I will post in the notes section later. | Start working on TAKS Objective 4, please.

Due Thurs., Mar 21 - Harmonic Motion 1 | Notes were passed out in class. If you didn't get them, check the notes page. | Also, make sure to finish TAKS Objective 3. I want to see Object 2 and 3 tomorrow.

Heat and Thermo -

TEST Wed. | I put the last minute notes in the notes section. | AND - work the last two problems of the "Advanced Heat Problems" worksheet. Key is in the notes section, too.

Due Tues., Mar 19 - Thermo 12 (key is included). | Get your All or Nothing requizzes done now. | Test Wed or Thurs.

Due Mon., Mar 18 - Thermo 11 | And check out the Heat and Thermo links (follow links above). I linked up a number of animations, etc. | Thermo All or Nothing Quiz on Monday over 1st Law of Thermo, Qh = W + Qc; Thermodynamic processes; efficiency. | I put a couple of more keys for the worksheets in the notes section.

Due Fri, Mar 8 - Thermo 10 | And do these study helps: Qc or Qh? and Cyclic Process

Due Thurs, Mar 7 - Thermo 9 | Did a couple of heat engine demos, too. Links are on this page. O - and check out the Nova page about refrigerators.

Due Wed, Mar 6 - Thermo 8

Due Tues, Mar 5 - Thermo 7 | All or Nothing Quizzes!!! 'Nuff said.

Due Fri, Feb 29 - Thermo 6 - From "Laws of Thermodynamics" | And be finishing Objective 3.

Due Thurs., Feb 28 - Thermo 5 - You will need "Thermodynamics Processes". | And get your All or Nothings done now.

Due Wed., Feb 27 - Thermo 4 - Temperature Graphs and Finish "Thermal Equilibrium". Key is in the notes section. | All or Nothing quiz over Heat 1 notes; Conduction, Convection, Radiation; Total Heat; and Thermal Equilibrium.

Due Tues., Feb 26 - Thermo 3 | Also, read and do Q1 on "Thermal Equilibrium" | Notes are finally in the notes section. Sorry.

Due Mon., Feb 25 - Thermo 2 | If you missed class go to the notes section and get "Heat" and "Latent Heat" notes. | There are heat demo videos in the links pages. | Start working on TAKS Objective 3 | And here's an important video clip.

Due Fri., Feb 22 - Thermo 1 | And have TAKS Objective 2 done to show me.

Electrostatics -
Here are important lectures: 1) Deriving the Electrostatics Equations (and the Electrostatics Equation Box); 2) NEW LECTURE: Calculating Electrostatics Quantities: Part 1 Net E; Part 2: Net V: Part 3: Net F; Part 4 Net PE.

Test Thurs, Feb 21. You have enough homeworks, web quizzes, and examples to work on. The worksheet keys are in the notes section. | Come in NOW to make up the second ES quiz. | And there is a worksheet "Advanced Electric Fields". If you fight thru it, you will probably get the test bonus question. | Get half of TAKS Objective 2 done.

Due Tues., Feb 19 - Electrostatics 16 - And we have an actual QUIZ over how to calculate E, F, V, and PE. Watch the videos above or do homeworks to practice. Here are three examples (with answers) you could work in preparation: Example 1; Example 2; Example 3. ; Here the example with variables we did in class: Calculating E,V,F, and PE with just variables.

Due Fri, Feb 15 - Electrostatics 15 -

Due Thurs., Feb 14 - Electrostatics 14 - You will need your capacitor notes (see notes section). | And Capacitor Lab quiz. Hmmm. You might want to relook at the videos in the Electricity Links. | And here's a link to that high voltage wire worker we watched in class. | AND I am thinking about giving one of Ms Dubois' hw quizzes tomorrow, too. To prepare watch the 4 Calculating Electrostatic Quantities videos above.

Due Wed., Feb 13 - Electrostatics 12 - Take care of All or Nothings NOW!

Due Tues., Feb 12 - Electrostatics 11 - Also: Have TAKS Objective 1 COMPLETED | All or Nothing Electrostatics Quiz over charge (number of electrons, etc), the charge on the spheres, and basic calculations. Electrostatics 1 and 2 should be sufficient. And you will be given equations. You will have to fix it by the end of the week!!!

Due Mon., Feb 11 - Electrostatics 13 (Yup, out of order). This one is pretty easy, so go back and redo Electrostatics 3 and Electrostatics 4. | You may also want to look at the electrostatics study helps, which are under electricity study helps. | New Demos for Capacitors: Capacitor Demo 1: basics; Capacitor Demo 2: with multimeters; Capacitor Demo 3: with LEDs.

Due Fri, Feb 8 - Electrostatics 10 - Tonights HW is not too hard, so here's the example we did in class for Calculating E, V, F, and PE. Rework it if you aren't super comfortable with it. Your responsible for this information. | Have TAKS Objective 1 done and show me Fri.

Due Thurs., Feb 7 - Electrostatics 9 - Sorry, ran out of time, so taking Demo Quiz and a Vector All or Nothing. Go look at Two Dimensions 1 p2 or "Adding Vectors" notes. Should be easy for most of you. If not....

Due Wed, Feb 6 - Electrostatics 8 - Short day, but we will take the Electrostatics Demos Quiz (Lab quiz). Watch the videos (see links page) to refresh your memory.

Due Tues., Feb 5 - Electrostatics 6 and Electrostatics 7 (each are only one page)- I passed this out in class. Keys are on the 2nd pages of each. | And Day 5 of TAKS

Due Mon., Feb 4 - Electrostatics 5 - Get Day 4 of TAKS done.

Due Fri, Feb 1 - Electrostatics 4 - Might want to relook at the demos. See the links section. | Grade ES 2 (notes section) | Get Day 3 done for TAKS.

Due Thurs., Jan 31 - Electrostatics 2 - And do TAKS Objective 1 Day 1 and Day 2. (Hopefully you already have - they are in the notes section.)

Due Wed., Jan 30 - Electrostatics 3 - Sorry that we have to go out of order, but rain and moisture prevented us from doing the electrostatic demos we need for Electrostatics 2.

Due Tues., Jan 29 - Electrostatics 1

Circuits - Multimeter Alert!!!!! - If you bring yours we will teach you how to use it. AND - we actually need good multimeters. Please Read This.

Test Monday - no homework. Study and Practice. | Ms. Dubois is doing a study session Monday morning (say thanks, bring chocolate!) | No one showed up for the study session Friday afterschool (who can blame them), so I didn't record anything.

Due Fri., Jan 25 - Circuits 11 - Also, if you REALLY want to be ready for the test, start on the PreAP review (notes section, in the Circuits Worksheets). That way we can discuss issues tomorrow. | And get your All or Nothing Quizzes done NOW!

Due Thurs., Jan 24 - Circuits 10 - (key in notes section) - We are taking TAKS Benchmark on Thurs.

Due Wed, Jan 23 - Just do the "Electrical Power" notes. Key in the notes section. Show it too me finished. | And study, of course.

Due Tues., Jan 22 - Circuits 9 and start on the TAKS homeworks, which are found in the notes section. You can write the answers out on notebook paper.

Due Fri, Jan 18 - Circuits 8 | All or Nothing tomorrow. Study the Current notes and Series and Parallel Circuit calculations (see notes section).

Due Thurs., Jan 17 - Circuits 7 and the "Equivalent Resistance" notes you were given in class (see notes section). | Get your Math Quizzes made up NOW!

Due Wed., Jan 16 - Circuits 6 - page 3 has some answers on it. More HW Keys in the notes section.

Due Tues., Jan 15 - Do the "Current" notes. A copy of it and the key are in the notes section. Here is a video of the demo we did in class. AND we started the Parallel Circuit lab.

Due Mon., Jan 14 - Circuits 5 - Lab quiz on Monday (fur shur)! Might I suggest going to the electricity study helps and doing the one over meters? (The question mark is rhetorical.)

Due Fri., Jan 11 - Circuits 4 - Full key in notes section. HW quiz on Friday, so don't just copy, don't just do the hw. STUDY the homework!

Due Thurs., Jan 10 - Circuits 3 - MATH QUIZ tomorrow! Math Review homework here (Key in notes section)| You may also want to start on Friday's hw.

Due Wed., Jan 9 - Circuits 2. We will finish up the lab and do some calculation practice. The Math Quiz is Thurs! (Yup! It's BAAACKK! ) You might wanna redo the Math Review homework to prepare yourself.

Due Tues., Jan 8 - Circuits 1. OK no one told me I forgot to get this online, so we did it together at the beginning of class.

Final Review -

Due Tues., Dec 18 - Do p5 and p6 of the Mechanics Review. Shouldn't be too hard, since just Energy and Momentum. Selected answers in notes section. AND keys to pages we have already done.

Due Mon, Dec 17 - Do p1 and p2 of the Mechanics Review. Selected answers in the notes section.

Due Fri., Dec 14 - Start on the Review packet. Get 2 pages done. Was passed out in class.

Energy and Momentum -

Test on Thurs. - No HW due, just study.

Due Wed., Dec 12 - Momentum 8 | keys to practice sheets and HWs in the notes section.

Due Tues, Dec 11 - Momentum 7 | notes section has "Momentum Practice" in it.

Due Mon., Dec 10 - Momentum 6 | Lab Quiz and Extra Credit Quiz on Monday, too.


Due Fri, Dec 7 - Momentum 5 |

Due Thurs., Dec 6 - Momentum 4 | We did the "Conservation of Momentum" lab. You will want to study it (or spend more time in the lab) to prepare for the lab quiz, which will probably be Friday.

Due Wed., Dec 5 - Momemtum 3 (with part of Energy 11) | We did "Conservation of Momentum" in class (see notes page) | Study session for the extra credit assignment Thurs afterschool and Fri before school. COME PREPARED!

Due Tues., Dec 4 - Momentum 2 (has part of Energy 11 on it) | Please recheck the Extra Credit assignment page. I added stuff and talks about a study session.

Due Mon., Dec 3 - Energy 10 and Momentum 1 | Again, sorry about more homework, but I'll bet the second page will take you five minutes.

Due Fri., Nov 30 - Energy 9 | I apologize that it is a bit longer, but I had to get thru the proportional idea before the All or Nothing Quiz tomorrow. | Also, study your lab sheet! Lab quiz tomorrow, too.

Due Thurs., Nov 29 - Energy 8 | And have your spring constant lab done. Lab quiz coming up! | We will do the "Conservation of Energy" worksheet tomorrow. If you want to start early, feel free. | All or nothing quiz on Friday.

Due Wed., Nov 28 - Energy 7 - See notes section for worksheet and keys.

Due Tues., Nov 27 - Energy 6

Due Mon., Nov 26 - Energy 5 | We did "Energy Transfers" (see notes section for key) and these examples of Conservation of Energy. You should probably do these study helps, too: Conservation of Energy and Conservation of Energy Situations.

Due Fri., Nov 16 - Energy 4 | And finish the "Types of Energy" notes. Key is in the notes section.

Due Thurs., Nov 15 - Energy 3 | We did the Conservation of Energy on a Ramp Lab. Just saying.

Due Wed., Nov 14 - Energy 2 | Finished the last page of the test. If you were gone, make it up at lunch tomorrow. | If you didn't get Energy 1 done, I will forgive you THIS TIME ONLY! :) Have 'em both done by Wed, please.

Due Tues., Nov 13 - Energy 1 (same as last year) | Notes in the notes section. | We will do the last few questions of the test on Tues.

Forces - NOTE: Murray will be gone next Wed afternoon, Thurs., and Fri for a conference.

Study for Test on Monday. Mr. Murray will do a study session Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. Not sure if it will be in Murray's room or the Lecture Hall. Stay tuned. Check with DuBois. She might be doing one on Friday.

Due Thurs., Nov 8 - Forces 13

Due Wed., Nov 7 - Forces 12

Due Tues., Nov 6 - Forces 11 | Those that need to requiz for the extra credit. See the notes page.

Due Mon., Nov 5 - Forces 10 - You will need your "Connected Objects and Ramp" notes. | You MUST have your "Force Table" lab sheet done on Monday or you lose 5 points | The Extra Credit quiz will be Monday on your time. Remember to give enough time to check the answers in the room first.

Due Fri., Nov 2 - Forces 9 - You will need your torque notes. | Start working on your Force Table Lab | Get All or Nothing Quizzes done by Fri.

Due Thurs., Nov 1 - Forces 8 - Fix the All or Nothing quiz NOW. | We are going to give you the weekend to work on the extra credit. More info on the extra credit page in the notes section.

Due Wed., Oct 31 - Forces 7 - Studying for the quiz: Do HW 4 (try without all the helps) and first page of Forces in Equations. See notes page.

Due Tues., Oct 30 - Forces 6 - Extra credit assignment is posted in the notes section. | And we did this demo in class.

Due Mon., Oct 29 - Forces 5 - If you didn't understand Forces 4 - look in the notes section for the key. Rework Forces 4 until you know the steps and all other forces problems will become simple.

Due Fri., Oct 26 - Forces 4 - This homework walks you thru two forces problems. Repeat as necessary (pay attention and learn from this).

Due Thurs., Oct 25 - Forces 3 - If anyone has an old bathroom scale they would like to donate to the physics department..... :) | And remember that there is an equation sheet in the notes section.

Due Wed., Oct 24 - Forces 2

Due Tues., Oct 23 - Forces 1 | You were given "Types of Forces" and "Newton's First Law" notes in class. Check the notes section if you were gone.

Two Dimensional Motion

Test information: Study Session: Thurs afterschool in Lecture Hall; Fri morning in DuBois's class. What to study: This is a two day test. Friday will be projectiles (concepts, projectile graphs, and calculations) and vectors (trig, adding vectors). Monday will be adding vectors graphically and relative motion (this mini-sheet will help). See the notes page for lotza gooooood stuff!!!!

No homework until Monday (yup - you are reading this right). STUDY FOR THE TEST!!!! Look thru the old homework, etc. I think there is enough to study at this point.| I also think there are study sessions on Thurs or Fri morning. check back.

Due Wed., Oct 17 - Two Dimensional Motion 18 | HW keys are in the notes section. Start studying now for the test. | Here is an additional set of questions: "More Problems than You Can Shake a Stick At". Enjoy.

Due Tues., Oct 16 - Two Dimensional Motion 17 | Quiz over projectile motion and Lab Quiz tomorrow. | Test on Friday! | This old HW has some practice for the lab quiz and there's another one in the notes section.

Due Mon., Oct 15 - Two Dimensional Motion 16 | And work on your lab calculations if you aren't already done. You need to shoot on Monday OR you shoot on your own time.

Due Fri., Oct 12 - Two Dimensional Motion 15 | Work on your lab, too.

Due Thurs., Oct 11 - Two Dimensional Motion 14 | NEW: Projectile Motion Walkthrus. Gives step-by-step walk thrus of all three basic projectile motion problems. Study it.

Due Wed., Oct 10 - Two Dimensional Motion 13 | We did "Projectile Motion Graphs" in class. See notes section.

Due Tues., Oct 9 - Two Dimensional Motion 12 | Key is in the notes section. | All or Nothing Quiz over the three basic projectile motion problems. Study TD8 for a preview (or all of the other examples on the hws, too).

Due Fri, Oct 5 - Two Dimensional Motion 11 | Again, key to "Relative Motion" is in the notes section.

Due Thurs., Oct 4 - Two Dimensional Motion 10 | Notes (with key) to "Relative Motion" in notes section.

Due Wed., Oct 3 - Two Dimensional Motion 9 | You might want to have TD8 with you for notes | Fix your All-or-Nothing Quizzes NOW! | Remember that there are study helps for projectiles and vectors. Follow the link above.

Due Tues., Oct 2 - Two Dimensional Motion 8 | To find worked examples of projectile motion follow the Notes and Examples link at the top of the page.

Due Mon., Oct 1 - Two Dimensional Motion 7 | We proved that velocity is a vector and did our first projectile motion example. There are notes in the notes section and examples if you follow the link at the top.

Due Fri., Sept 28 - Two Dimensional Motion 6

Due Thur., Sept 27 - Two Dimensional Motion 5

Due Wed., Sept 26 - Two Dimensional Motion 4 - Have TD3 graded, already.

Due Tues., Sept 25 - Two Dimensional Motion 3 - I realize that there is an SAT study session on Tues, sooooo: HW key is in the notes section. AND please read the "Adding Vector" notes (don't print it. I have copies. Just read it). | You will have 2 homeworks due on Wed. | We did the "Vector Basics" notes Monday.

Due Mon, Sept 24 - Two Dimensional Motion 2

Due Fri, Sept 21 - Two Dimensional Motion 1 - I passed this out in class.

Linear Motion

Thurs - Linear Motion Test. | Study Session Wed afterschool at 4:30 p.m.(Lecture Hall) | I put the In Class Review and key in the notes section.

Due Wed., Sept 19 - Linear Motion 15 - Test has been moved to Thurs. | Study session after school (4:30). Probably Murray's room. | Check your grade in Skyward to see if you need to make up the quiz (or lab).

Due Tues., Sept 18 - Linear Motion 14 - Key to the mini-sheet we did in class and LM13 in the notes section. Per 2 grade your HW. | Have your Acceleration Labs done | TEST WED | All hw keys up to this point are in the notes section. Study hard.

Due Mon, Sept 17 - Linear Motion 13 | Make sure to do LM 12, too | Quiz at end of class on Monday over kinematics equations and freefall. | We did "Transfering Graphs" on Fri. See notes section.

Due Fri., Sept 14 - Linear Motion 12 - "Freefall" notes in the notes page, as is the key to the homework. If you are going to the game tonight, don't worry about the homework tonight, do it tomorrow. | Here's a link to the astronauts dropping the feather and the hammer on the moon to show what happens when there is no air resistance.

Due Thurs., Sept 13 - Linear Motion 11 - You will need your "Acceleration" notes (see notes section).

Due Wed., Sept 12 - Linear Motion 10, finish your "Acceleration Lab", check Skyward to see if you have any missing grades, make up your Math Quiz, clean your room, wash behind your ears..... (oops, I digress).

Due Tues., Sept 11 - Linear Motion 9

Due Mon., Sept 10 | And check out this video |

Yup - believe it or not, no homework tonight because of the away football game. Get some sleep. I will give a bit more homework over the weekend.

Due Thurs., 9/6 - Do Linear Motion 7 | Grade "Velocity and Acceleration" (see notes section) and per 3 grade "Linear Motion 6" (see notes) | You should have finished the speed lab. If not, come in and take care of it. Also, there will be a lab quiz Thurs or Fri. Look thru your lab data OR come in and redo part of it. Lab grades are 35%, so lab quizzes are important!

Due Wed., 9/5 - Do Linear Motion 6 and the "Velocity and Acceleration" notes (see notes section). Per 3's special instructions here.

Due Tues., 9/4 - Linear Motion 5 - And graph the bowling ball lab data. Per 2 is here | per 3 is here. Do them on the same piece of graph paper (you own or this one). Use dots, x's, and squares to show the different trials (and label them). Notes on "Typical Graphing Mistakes" in the notes section. There are also notes for "Postion, Displacement..." and "Velocity and Acceleration" in the notes section. I wrote new notes to help with Metric Conversions. See notes section.

Due Fri., 8/31 - Linear Motion 4 - And read and do the "Speed" notes I gave in class. Copies are in the notes section.

Due Thurs., 8/31 - Linear Motion 3 - We talked about accuracy vs precision and some conversions. We will do MORE conversions tomorrow. Come in to work on your math quiz!

Due Wed., 8/29 - Linear Motion 2 - We did the Math Quiz. If you bombed it, time to come in and learn that math! (Don't retreat! Attack!) "Conversions" and "Linear Equation" notes in the PreAP notes section above.

Due Tues., 8/28 - Answers to the homework in the notes section.