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To Heat and Thermo Study Helps

Good discussion of entropy. It takes a while to read, but it is the best explanation I've read so far.

Examples of positive entropy changes.

Four stroke engine animation

Steam Engine Animation

Steam Engine Animation Video - Very good.

Power Station Diagram


My Demos:
Conduction, Convection, Radiation | Infrared Camera at Perot Museum of Science | Radiation from Skillet and Hot Plate | Fluids Flow (important for understanding Convection) |
Adiabatic Processes: Fire Piston/Compressed Air (work done on a gas) |
Explanation of How the Fire Piston Works thru Momentum |
Boiling Water with Ice! | Boiling Water with Ice Part II: the Setup |
Steam Engine | Other Heat Engines |

Nova's Animation of a Refrigerator - walks you thru how a refrigerator works.

Video Boiling Water with a Vacuum turns it to ice.












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