Mr. Murray's
IPC - Integrated Physics and Chemistry

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Mr. Murray's worksheets incorporate notes with in-class practice and review. These worksheets are self-explanatory. Students that actually read the front of the worksheets are able to complete the back of the worksheet and the homework.

These worksheets were designed so that I had an entire lesson on one piece of paper. Some of them are full of information, but this is how much I had to cover per day (and I had to hurry to finish). These worksheet also relieve any worries a teachers may have for students that miss class (for whatever reason). Hand them the worksheet they missed and be done with it! It is that simple!

The use of these worksheets also encourages their reading skills. Don't answer a question: refer them to the correct worksheet.

Essential Variable Sheet - We always hope that students will memorize variables, but it is asking a lot. Print these out for your students on BRIGHTLY colored (to locate quickly). Works even for the AP Physics students!

Worksheets are Copyright 2003-2006, C. Stephen Murray. If you are interested in using my worksheets for your class, please email me first to gain permission.

Worksheets are listed in the order I used them (and wrote them) and begin at the bottom of the page (Ch 16). Chapter references are from the CPO IPC book. CPO Electronic Book Here

Speed and Acceleration (Ch 1-2)

Harmonic Motion
and Waves
(Ch 11-13)
The Atom (Ch 18)
Newtons Laws and
Simple Machines
(Ch 3-4)
Light and Optics
(Ch 14-15)
Compounds (Ch 19)
Work, Energy,
and Magnetism
(Ch 5 + 10)
Physics Review
Chemical Reactions
(Ch 20-21)
(Ch 27)
Matter and the
Scientific Method
(Ch 16)
Solutions, Nuclear, Acids and Bases (Ch 22-25)
Electricity (Ch 6-9) Density and Buoyancy (Ch 17) Chemistry Semester Review

Physics Reviews for Final Exam - back to top

Light and Optics (Ch 14-15) - back to top

Harmonic Motion and Waves (Ch 11-13) - back to top
(Bonus Skillsheet: "Harmonics" (see below) - typos fixed, now.

Important Notice Here About An Error Correction and TAKS information!

  • 12:2 - Wave Actions NOTE: Yes, the worksheets numbers are out-of-order: it's a TAKS test thing! (Shorter class time that day.) This order will still work.

  • HME - Supplement: Harmonic Motion Equations

  • 13:1 - Sound - Note: I removed the Mach number (660 mph). It didn't agree with the 340 m/s speed of sound in air I was using. Here's the deal: air's density and sound's speed in that air decreases with altitude. At 35,000 ft the speed of sound is 660 mph (only 293 m/s). I didn't have time on the worksheet to explain this, so I removed it. Sorry for any confusion.

  • 12: 1 - Standing Waves

  • 11: 2 - Waves

  • 11: 1 - Harmonic Motion

Electricity (Ch 6-9) - back to top

Thermodynamics (Ch 27) - back to top

Work, Energy, and Magnetism (Ch 5 + 10) - back to top

Simple Machines and Newton's Laws (Ch 3-4) - back to top
(New resource: "Simple Machines Made Simple".)

Question Sequence for Understanding Efficiency - If you're teaching efficiency (which IS BIG on the TAKS) you need to look at this.

Chapters 1 - 2 - Speed and Acceleration (Ch 1-2) - back to top

IPC Chemistry Final Review - back to top

IPC Chemistry Final Preview and Index

Chapters 22 - 25 - back to top

Chapters 20 and 21 - Chemical Reactions - back to top

Chapter 19 - Compounds - back to top

Chapter 18 - The Atom - back to top

Chapter 17 - Density and Buoyancy - back to top

Chapter 16 - Matter and the Scientific Method - back to top