Imagine a ramp that is 10 m long and with a vertical distance of 2 m. (See picture.)

A. What is the mechanical advantage of the ramp?

B. For every 1 meter you climb along the ramp, how far do you lift your weight?

C. How do simple machines multiply your force?

Calculating and Understanding Efficiency

Using the same ramp, you push with 45 N to move a 130 N object up to the back of a 2 m tall delivery truck.

D. How much work did you do to push the object up the ramp?

E. How much work did you get out?

F. Calculate the efficiency of the ramp?

G. Did you use less force or more force using the ramp?

H. Did you do more work or less work using the ramp?

I. Where did the extra work go?