Here's what's due on Monday.

1) Start by completing the "Straightening Graphs" homework. I passed this out in class. Check notes section if you lost it. THIS WILL BE VERY HELPFUL MONDAY in the acceleration lab.

2) Do Linear Motion 8 | Key is in the notes section. Bring it GRADED and come with questions.

3) Do Linear Motion 9 - OK - spread the word: I changed my mind. Let's make Linear Motion 9 due on Tues. If you already did it, you have less HW Monday. Also, you may want to work ahead, because we have our first challenging lab over acceleration on Monday. You will have to finish your lab write up for homework, too, so getting ahead could be very useful.

4) Realize that we can't take long on the homework, we have a lab to get to. If you do the homeworks you will be prepared for the lab.