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My Demo Videos:

Magntism Basics Demos:
Basic MagLev | Basic Electric Motor | Magnetic Force's Dependence on Distance | Rudimentary Compasses |

Magnetic Field Demos:
Single Stack of Magnets | Like Poles Facing Each Other | Opposite Poles Facing Each Other | Full Bottle of Iron Filings on Strong Magnet | Magnetic Field Around a Solenoid | Magnetic Field Around a Current Carrying Wire |

Right Hand Rule (Lorenz Force) Demos:
RHR1: Force on a Swinging Conducting Rod
RHR2: Force on a small speaker wire
RHR3: Horseshoe Magnet and Hanging wires
RHR4: Horseshoe Magnet and Battery makes wire jump |
RHR5: Rolling Conductor on Metal Rails (v1) |
RHR5: Rolling Conductor on Metal Conducting Rails (v2) |
Force between two current carrying wires |
AP2 Lab: Force on a Current

Magnetic Induction Demos:
Lenz's Law Part 1: How a Galvanometer Works |
Lenz's Law Part 2: Deriving Lenz's Law |
Lenz's Law Part 3: Explaining Lenz's Law with the RHR
Transformers | Lenz's Law Tube | Lenz's Law Pendulum |
Visualizing Magnetic Induction and a Single Wire Breaking Wooden Field Lines | Inductance Basics |

MIT videos: Two current carrying wires | Jumping Wire |

Cathode Ray Tube showing electrons deflecting in a magnetic field.

Video of Space Station Flying thru the Northern Lights

Video of Shrinking a Coin with a Magnetic Field (induced, actually)

Video of a High Voltage Can Crusher (again, with induced current)


Great pictures and explanations into basic Magnetism and Induction.

How powerful can magnets be? Check out this company's website. Scroll down to the super magnets and be amazed!!!

Or buy magnets here: supermagnetman

Magnetic Field Line Applets: Single Bar Magnetic ; Switchable Poles

Compass and Magnetic Fields from Electricity (Applet) - click on the switch and see how the compass moves in the magnetic field.

Induced Emf within a Solenoid (Applet) - Like how we did in class. Unfortunately you can't switch the magnet's direction.

Lenz's Law (Applet) - Move a magnet into a wire coil. The blue shows the induced magnet field trying to oppose the bar magnet. Then you can see the induced current in the coil.

Induced Current when Area is Changed (Applet)

Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field (Applet) - watch the path.

How a Generator Works (Applet) - See how the maximum emf occurs when the coil breaks the field lines. If you slow it down, it's easier to see.

Generator 2 (Applet) - Not as easy to see, but notice the permanent magnets the rotor is moving inside.

How a Motor Works (Applet) - Notice the commutator and how it keeps the electromagnet always in the same direction.

Construction of a DC Motor - close to what we made in class.

How a Transformer Works (Applet) - You can change the primary voltage and the number of coils for both primary and secondary.














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