2009 PreAP Thurs., 10/15 and Fri., 10/16

OK - I've talked with a few students and graded the quizzes. I've decided that I have taught everything, but some of you have not gone back and relooked at the information. This is PreAP, you are expected to study.

1) You need to do your "Shoot the Hoops" lab before the test or I will take off late points. It is designed to help you understand projectile motion, so it doesn't make a lot of sense afterwards. To help you here is the key to the last homework. Study my shoop the hoops to be able to do yours.

2) I compiled these questions from homeworks and examples. It includes the solutions. Learn them. I suggest that you cover up the answers and work each problem.
Examples to study for the test.

3) Redo these problems: examples from class here. | Solution Q1 | Solution Q2 | Solution Q3

4) Here are some more examples. More Vector Basics Worksheet | Key p1 | Keyp2

5) Study Helps: Projectile Motion study helps on this page (be sure to do the projectile comparisons) | Vector Study Helps on this page

6) And if you never did the graphically adding vectors page, here it is (and it WILL be on the test): Graphically Adding Vectors . Here is a walk thru or step-by-step of how to do the graphical part. Each page shows a different step.