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Kinematic Equations


Projectile Motion: (vector and trig help here)

X or Y Direction? (MC) - Helps you understand the basics.

Understanding Projectile Motion (MC) - helps you understand how to assign variables with projectile motion. If you can do this, you can do almost any projectile motion problem.

Projectile Motion Problem (MC) Walks you thru a basic projectile problem step-by-step. You should already understand freefall and both of the above.

Projectile Motion Comparisons (MC) - simple, but helps you understand basic projectile concepts.

Motion Graphs (MC) - includes all of the motion graphs for projectiles.

Projectile Motion Initial and Final Positions (MC) - This may help many of you figure out which situation is which.

Link - Projectile Motion From "The Physics Classroom"

Applets -

Applets by Surendranath - From the Menu at the top of the page select "Kinematics"/ Two Dimensional Motion/ then the following:

Projectile Motion
Horizontal Projectile

Projectile Motion 2 - Very good one!

Kinematic Variables (M)

Assigning Variables 1 (M)

Assigning Variables 2 (M)

Kinematic Equations 1 (MC) - walks you through choosing the right equation.

Kinematic Equations 2 (MC)

Kinematic Equations 3 (MC)

Kinematic Equations 4 (MC)


Understanding Displacement (MC) - necessary for freefall and projectile motion

Freefall Basics (MC) -

Understanding Freefall (MC) - This will help you learn how to assign variables for freefall problems.

Freefall Concepts from Problems (MC) - Makes you pull the concepts from actual word problems.

Movie: Feather and Hammer Dropped on the Moon -
(QuickTime) (YouTube) - From Apollo15. Shows how air resistance affects falling objects. Notice when he moves the objects, which shows they are different masses.