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Physics -

Electricity Units (M) - what units for what variable

Electricity Units 2 (M) - learn the abbreviations

Advanced Units and Variables (MC) - learn the units and which equation to use.

Voltage Difference Around a Circuit (MC)

Understanding Current (MC)

Meters (MC)

Understanding Circuits (MC) - Comprehensive. Study this exercise, to understand parallel and series circuits, resistance, current, and power.

Doc B's Website - Electrical Circuits. Some of them are hard, but good. Keep resetting for new questions.

Honors Physics - Electrostatics

Understanding Charge (MC)

Electrostatic Variable (MC) - Fundamental - If you don't know this you can't calculate anything.

Electric field and force (MC)

Electrostatic Equations (MC) - learn how to put numbers into the equations for E, F, PE, and V.

Electrostatics (MC) - covers Electric Field, Electric Force, Electric Potential Energy, and Electric Potential (voltage)

Capacitors (MC)

More help on capacitors on the links page.


IPC and Physics -

Electrical Symbols - (M)

Electrical Devices - (M)

Electrical Devices II - (M) - Relates the devices to water.

Electrical Devices III - (MC) - Also includes pictures of real devices.

Electricity Variables and Units - (MC)

Electricity Vocabulary no 1 - (M) - insulator/conductor/charges

Electricity Vocabulary no 2 - (M) - electrical force/coulomb

Electricity Vocabulary no 3 - (M) - open and closed circuits/ voltage/resistance/current

Electricity Vocabulary no 4 - (M) - battery/units for electricity

Electricity Vocabulary no 5 - (M) - fuses/parallel circuit terms

Series or Parallel - (MC) - Types of circuits

Electrical Circuits (MC) - more series vs. parallel. Learn about branches and where they split and join. Includes some troubleshooting.

Make Your Own Circuit - Internet applet

How Does it Change - (MC) - How V, R, and I affect each other in a circuit.

Finding V, I, and R in a Series Circuit (MC)

Finding V, I, and R in a Parallel Circuit (MC)