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Ordering Music


I do not sell printed copies. All music is sent in pdf files via email. You pay for the right to make a certain number of copies. As a result there is a 15 copy minimum order on all choral anthems, including children's anthems.

Ordering: Email me with the requested title or titles, including how many copies you need.

Payment: I will email you a payment request from PayPal, which accepts credit cards. Once payment is received I will email you the pdf file and a Copyright Permissions Letter.

Copyright Permissions Letter: This states the number of copies you may legally make, as well as other limitations. It protects you if someone should question the copying of copyrighted material and protects me for obvious reasons.

Why don't I sell printed copies? I debated about this for some time. Even though it is illegal (even for churches), an unscrupulous person could order a copy of a printed anthem and photocopy as many copies as they want. I would be out time and money for copies, printing and shipping. In my pdf world, the unscrupulous person can still lie to me about their intent, I still lose the money, but I don't do any printing or shipping. I choose the latter, hoping that most people will choose the legal path. Also, my music will never go out of print and you can get copies almost immediately!

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