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About the Recordings


The recordings are of typical, volunteer church choirs: not everyone reads music or is a soloist and there are no paid section leaders. As with every church choir, I had limited time and resources. Yes, there are mistakes, out-of-tune notes at times, etc., but what certainly shines thru is their wonderful and unmistakeable passion and love of God!

Listen with kindness and you will hear their beautiful music!

As for the cantatas - Sometimes we had only one rehearsal with the orchestra, sometimes we had last minute substitutions (or even no shows), so even the orchestra at times is rough. I even had a very unaware colleague tell me "I wish you had a better choir and soloists" after hearing a recording. I was furious, since he had access to thousands of dollars for hiring people and my choir had worked hard for months and done wonderfully. I would, of course, love perfect recordings, but I am also extremely proud of the accomplishments these recordings portray.

If you end up recording any of my works, I would love to hear it. If your recording is better than mine, I would love to be able to showcase it on the website.

On a technical note: I have compressed the dynamics of all of the recordings so you don't have worry about volume.


Exception: One recording is exceptional: the "I AM" cantata. The choir was really on, I had some magnificient Neumann mics, and I tried something different with the orchestra. What did I do?
Find out here.