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We remember what we hear in song. These songs have help students memorize Chemistry and Physics information quickly and retain it for years. And it's fun!

All songs are written and copyrighted by Mr. Murray. Students are given the right to listen to the songs and to share them with other students. If you share these songs please include reference to the composer, Mr. Murray.

I have 23 songs so far and I hope eventually to have them recorded. If you are interested in buying a CD when I'm done, let me know.

Current list of Songs:

Chemistry: "Valence Electrons" (with verse 2); "Density Is"; "Oxidation Information"; "What's in a Name"; "Acids and Bases"; "Avogadro's Number"; "The Law of Conservation of Mass"; "This is the Atom".

Physics: "Thermodynamic Blues"; "I Am Working"; "Law of Conservation of Energy"; "Electricity"; "All Your Atoms and Molecules " (Mass vs. Weight); "Law of Conservation of Momentum"; "Harmonic Motion"; "Speed Equals Distance Divided by Time" (long version); "Friction, O Friction"; "I Feel an Impulse Pushin' Me".

Biology: "Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order"; "Symbiosis"; "The Characteristics of Life".

Math: "The Trigonometry Tango"; "Y = mx + b" (The Linear Equation Song).

Science Songs - (If you have trouble playing a song click here)

"Valence Electrons" (without verse 2)
- Copyright © 2003, C. Stephen Murray

"Oxidation Information"
(Including metals vs. non-metals and ions)
- Copyright © 2002, C. Stephen Murray

"Acids and Bases"
- Copyright © 2003, C. Stephen Murray
(Sorry about the mistake...can you find it?)

"Speed Equals Distance Divided by Time" (short version)
- Copyright © 2003, C. Stephen Murray

"The Law of Conservation of Energy"
(Includes Potential and Kinetic Energy)
- Copyright © 2004, C. Stephen Murray














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