PreAP Due Tues, 10/13, and Wed, 10/14

1. Do the Force Table Lab. Use the table and information from the previous homework to find your numbers. Help to do the lab is here.

2. OK - Period 2 - I screwed up. Although I told you to calculate V of the projectile launcher from x and y, I forgot to have you measure the height of where you are going to shoot, which is the top of the big lab tables. So, I have the "Shoot the Hoops" lab as part of the homework. Use the last questions to learn how to do the calculations and then your lab group can measure quickly in class and then do the calculations.

Period 6 and 7 - I hope we can get thru this in class. If so, do the last two questions of the homework to learn how to do it, then put in your numbers and prepare for the lab.

3. Here's the homework - IMPORTANT! I rewrote the homework to teach you how to calculate your "Shoot the Hoops" lab. This lab is important for two reasons: 1) it will give you a good grade for the lab; 2) it will ensure that you really understand projectile motion for the upcoming test.

4. If you haven't made up your vector quiz do so very quickly. If you didn't understand it on the quiz you will miss those questions on the test, too.