2009 PreAP Due Sept 8 and Sept 9

1) Due the regular's homework: Physics Basics 5. A few of the problems are too simple, so they'll only take you seconds, but the rest of the homework is useful.

2) Do the back of the notes I gave you titled "Kinematic Equations".

3) Get signed up for the UTA Homework site. Do it this weekend. The instructions are clear. If you have problems - see me.

4) Finish straightening your graphs. They must be done by next class. I reworked my worksheet: "How to Straighten Graphs". I think it will make more sense, now. It will take you about 5 minutes, if that.

Tips for straightening graphs:

Tip 1 - Most of the mistakes I have seen are from bad intervals. One person had each square equal to 15. ??? No wonder it was hard to get a good graph. Your graph needs to be big, but not so big that your units are weird.

Tip 2 - Once you have straightened your graphs the x-axis units will be different. Example: If the x-units were mass and you square the mass, then your x-axis should be labeled as mass squared with the units of kg squared. Same goes for the title.

Tip 3 - Find the slope of your straightened graphs. Circle your two good points on the line. Show your calculation and slope answer on the graph.