2009 PreAP Due Tuesday, 9/1, and Wednesday, 9/2

1) Do this worksheet: How to Straighten Graphs. This is very important. We will be straightening graphs all year and it is a topic that most of us (me included) do not find this obvious. The worksheet is one of my self-teaching worksheets. I suggest you do it a few times (really).

2) I wrote these notes for you: Common Graphing Mistakes and Sig Figs.

3) After having read about graphing mistakes, you need to make sure your first graph is perfect. Also, find the slope of your best fit line, making sure the calculation is on the graph and easy to read. You will turn this in during class.

4) Do this homework: 2009 PreAP Linear Motion 3

5) OK - I've got the UTA Homework figured out. Here are the numbers you need: Per 2: 002; Per 6: 006; Per 7: 007. Updated instructions are here.
I'm sorry, but you may have to reenroll in the class, if you were not accepted already.