PreAP Due Mon., Sept 14 and Tues., Sept 15

We have a test coming up VERY soon, so I spent over an hour writing the next homework. It will help you learn much of the rest of the topics we need for the test. As a result I needed 3 pages. The homework explains things as simply as I can. Read the notes. Work hard on this. Come see me

PreAP Linear Motion 6


The following study helps will be, well, ...helpful:

Go to Study Helps | Physics Study Helps | Slope - Do all of the study helps on the right side of the page.

For help with Kinematics and Freefall go to Kinematics Study Helps

For those that STILL haven't studied Sig Figs - Go to the Measuring Study Helps


For those that got started on the acceleration lab. This page will make #8 A LOT easier.