2009 Due Fri, 8/29 and Mon, 8/31

1) GET A CALCULATOR. 'nuff said.

2) Do the Regular Homework Physics Basics 2

3) Do these additional problems: PreAP Linear Motion 2

4) Graph the first set of data from the paper I gave in class or here it is again: Graphing Data

Find the slope of the graph, please.

If you need graph paper - here.

I passed out a sheet on how to graph. Here's a link to a site, if you didn't get it. My only caution: draw your x and y axis with a ruler.

5) I'm still trying to find time to trouble shoot the UTA website "stuff". Try these numbers:

Per 2: 002

Per 3: 003 (AP)

Per 6: 006

Per 7: 007

I'll try to find time tomorrow. Sorry. You won't have to be fully signed up for a while, still.