PreAP - Due Thurs., 3/4 (B), and Fri., 3/5 (A)

Do these in order and it will be a lot easier. Again: HW quiz.

1) Read "Latent Heat". Do the back of the notes EXCEPT #18 and 19.

2) Read "Calculating Total Heat". Work the example on the front. Do the two problems on the bottom of the back of the worksheet.
Here are the answers for the top of the worksheet:
Problem 1 (Top left): liquid water: -5.02E5 joules; phase change: -2E6 joules; ice: -3.76E5 joules. Total heat = -2.88E6 joules

Problem 2 (Top right): liquid water: +6.7E5 joules; phase change to steam: +9.04E6 joules; steam: +1.2E5 joules. Total heat = 9.83E6 joules.

3) Read "Thermal Equilibrium". Work the example on the front. On the back do problems 2 and 3.
Here is the answer to problem 1: 53.88 degrees Celsius.

4) Do this page of TAKS notes: Classification of Matter