1) Redo the lab - that's a lot of great information. If you want to do another set of calculations, set it up and check your numbers with me.

2) Do these study helps:
Understanding Current
(You NEED to know this stuff; go thru ALL of it. Some of it is very easy, so don't stop after just a few questions.)
Understanding Circuits
(Don't do all of the others - these are the most important)

3)Work on the half-sheet review I passed out. Here is a blank copy with key. This small paper has a lot of good information on it.

4) Believe it or not - read the book and work the "Total Resistance" notes. Work examples, don't just read them.

THERE ARE EXAMPLES IN THE BOOK - p. 747 and 749 are great circuit examples. And the answers to the odd problems at the end of each chapter are in the back of the book.