Due Tues., 12/1, and Wed, 12/2

1. Since some of you are still struggling with the basics, do this Regular homework first (including the TAKS prep at the end): 2009 Energy 5. It should be easy for many of you. BUT, if this is not easy, come see me for help. It is your responsibility.

2. This PreAP homework will get you just about ready for the test: 2009 PreAP Energy 5.

3. You need to finish your lab. Here's some help: First, you need to tell me what color spring you had (that's how we check if you are right). You are trying to find the spring constant, which is in Newton's per meter (N/m), so your graph should have Newton's on the y-axis and meters on the x-axis. Your slope will be the spring constant. DO NOT pick data points for your slope (unless they are really good points). Your data points should be black dots. Your good points for slope should be circles. Give your calculation for slope on the graph. If you want a great score refer to the notes I gave first chapter: "Common Graphing Mistakes."