2009 PreAP - What to Study.

1) There's no homework - just study

2) Rework these worksheets, which have the keys included: Test Review; Forces in Equations; Torque, Centripetal Force, Gravity. These problems must be EASY before the test. Print the blank copies. Work the problems (work 'em baby!). Check the keys.

3) Reread your notes. I had previous put these notes on Connected Objects on the website.

4) Rework homeworks.

5) Do some of the study helps. These will not be as helpful for this test. The reviews and homework are far superior.

6) For the curious among you - here's how torque relates to gears. Most of you should ignore this, since you tend to confuse yourselves.

If you are studying for the projectile motion test. Here's more practice than you could possibly want. Please read the first page before starting.