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Work and Energy -
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Worksheets: These are from IPC, but they are still the basics and you must know them.

Basic IPC Worksheets: 1) Energy, Work, and Power; 2) Kinetic and Potential Energy; 3) Conservation of Energy.

Basic Notes for Physics: Types of Energy; Understanding Net Work.

NOTE: If you can't see the images (too small), move your cursor off the page, then back. An icon will show up at the bottom of the page that allows you to expand the pictures. OR you can save it to your desktop and open it in a graphics program (like Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer).

Study Helps Available here

In Class Notes and Examples:

Conservation of Energy Situations with Variables - includes the most common situations.

Conservation of Energy Examples with Numbers

Three Conservation of Energy Examples - includes checks that show the answers match if you use kinematics or F = ma.

Potential to Kinetic Shortcut - if you learn this concept, then these problems are super easy!

Situations Involving Work with Variables - learn how work adds and subtracts energy in these basic situations.

An Object Stops Due of Friction

An Object Falls With Air Friction

How Potential Energy is Relative

Potential Energy With a Pendulum - Yes, this is a challenging problem, but it is within your grasp!

Comparing Energies - How to compare Ek or Ep if the height or velocity changes.

Net Work With An Angled Force

Net Work and Net Power Examples - be sure to see "Understanding Net Work" above.

Power Examples