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Two Dimensional Motion - Vectors | Objects Moving at Angles | Projectile Motion| Relative Motion
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NOTE: If you can't see the images (too small), move your cursor off the page, then back. An icon will show up at the bottom of the page that allows you to expand the pictures. OR you can save it to your desktop and open it in a graphics program (like Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer).

Basic Trig help on these Study Helps


Teacher Vector Notes;

How to Graphically Add Vectors Practice

Vector Component Examples

Taking Angles from the Positive X-axis. Explains how to find angles correctly so that you can use Vx = Vcosθ and Vy = Vsinθ to find all x and y components.

Adding Vector Examples - Done differently than we've been doing in class. Maybe that will be good for some of you.

Adding Vector Example 2 - A plane flying in the wind. It's just adding vectors, again.

Adding Vectors Example 3 - A ship crossing a river. This example actually goes a bit farther.

Man Swimming Across a River 1

Man Swimming Across a River 2

Boat Crossing a River Applet (Use Menu/ Kinematics/ Boat Crossing River)

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Objects Moving at Angles

Objects Moving at Angles: An object is moving at an angle with a velocity.

Kinematics at an Angle Broken Up - This might clarify this for many of you.

Kinematics at an Angle Explained: Some explanation of the differences between Kinematics at an Angle and Projectile Motion. Includes a rocket example.

Kinematics at an Angle Example 2

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Projectile Motion Examples:

Projectile Proof Pictures with Grid. Watch them consecutively and you will see how the y-direciton is freefall and the x-direction is just constant velocity.

REMEMBER: There are study helps available in "Kinematic Equations". Be sure to do "Understanding Projectile Motion (NEW) ", it contains the basics you need to do the advanced problems below. There is also a NEW Study Help: "Projectile Initial and Final Positions". This one will help you see how there are only really a few different types of projectile motion.

Projectile Shot from the Ground to the Ground 1

Projectile Shot from the Ground to the Ground 2

Projectile: How High Does it Go?

Projectile Shot from an Elevated Position Find Range

Honors Physics Questions Below. If you want to really understand, then you need to do these also:

Projectile Shot Horizontally: Even though this is a ball rolling off a table, it could be a baseball hit horizontally, or a gun shot horizontally, etc. It ONLY matters that it starts horizontally.

Given Range and Maximum Height, Find V

Find Velocity Vector at a Certain Time

A Ball Misses a Stair

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Relative Motion

Example of a person walking on a flatbed truck.

Person Walking on an Escalator

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