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Electricity -
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Worksheets: These are from IPC, but they are still the basics and you must know them.

Basic IPC Worksheets:
1) Electric Charge; 2) Circuits and Symbols; 3) Types of Circuits and Ohm's Law; 4) V, I, and R in Series Circuits; 5) V, I, and R in Parallel Circuits.

Basic Teacher Notes for Physics: Prelude to Electricity page 1, Prelude to Electricity page 2; Voltage Drops; Circuit Practice; Misc. Electricity Notes;

NOTE: If you can't see the images (too small), move your cursor off the page, then back. An icon will show up at the bottom of the page that allows you to expand the pictures. OR you can save it to your desktop and open it in a graphics program (like Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer).

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